Sandboxing Call of Cthulhu Part Two — Building a Call of Cthulhu Sandbox Campaign

Raiders of R’lyeh: From the Tideless Sea Sandboxing Locations from Call of Cthulhu and Other Mythos Stories

We designed Raiders of R’lyeh: From the Tideless Sea, our newest expansion for Raiders of R’lyeh and other d100 games based on H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Call of Cthulhu’ and other Mythos or pulp stories as:

With these toolkits, gamemasters may facilitate a Traveller-esque or Firefly-like type of open world game, where players assume command of a merchant vessel plying its trade in dangerous seas and eventually caught in a web of intrigue, adventure, and/or cosmic horror…

Or, gamemasters may use the toolkits to randomly generate factions, ships of all sizes and designs, adventuring NPCs (both seafarers and passengers), enemy timelines, scenarios, mysteries, set pieces, and dozens of other campaign elements — to be integrated into their own settings.

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Raiders of R’lyeh: From the Tideless Sea Sandboxing Locations from Call of Cthulhu and Other Mythos Stories

Posted on March 9, 2022. Contains 236 words and is a 2 minute read.

Raiders of R’lyeh

The year is 1910.

It is an age of crumbling empires, dangerous adventures, and rotting decadence. Rifles crack across the untamed Khyber pass, sorcerers stir from eldritch crypts, and dark things dream and lurk in secreted, fetid corners of the globe.

Raiders of R’lyeh is a stand-alone roleplaying game and sourcebook in which mercenary rogues explore forbidden frontiers, unearth ancient artifacts, and outwit villainous scum.

The game is crafted for compatibility with other d100 percentile systems. It emulates not only adventures in the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft and his circle of influences, but especially the savage and evocative feel of Robert E. Howard’s weird and pulp stories.

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Raiders of R’lyeh: From the Tideless Sea

The year is 1900.

It is an age of imperial intrigues, daring missions, and creeping dread. Steamships ply the farthest feral seas, and explorers stir the darkest sorceries from forgotten, sunken eons.

From the Tideless Sea is a seafaring expansion for the tabletop roleplaying game, Raiders of R’lyeh. With it, mercenary rogues captain weather-beaten ships, travel strange seas, and challenge shadowy conspiracies.

The expansion includes new rules and toolkits for:

  • Playing a world-spanning, epic sandbox
  • Operating merchant steamships and leading crews
  • Navigating to far-flung ports and lost worlds
  • Running trade and missions in hostile foreign territories
  • Handling adventures in mysterious ports of call
  • Battling seafaring cults and other menaces — both human and inhuman — hidden across the globe
  • Salvaging secrets from eldritch ruins
  • Investigating an existential and conspiratorial threat overshadowing the world

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Call of Cthulhu’ and Lovecraft’s circle of influences, sea adventures, and especially the Sargasso Sea tales of William Hope Hodgson, the expansion provides everything a gamemaster needs when players ditch dreamy Arkham to investigate the missing HMS Terror, to pursue coordinates found in an 18th-century wreck pointing to fabled R’lyeh, or to smuggle contraband out of Cairo right under the nose of the British Empire.

Best of all, From the Tideless Sea expands on the rich Edwardian setting and lore established in Raiders of R’lyeh — offering a new seafaring sourcebook for players wishing to expand their preexisting Mythos campaign, as well as modular mission and campaign resources for gaming in 1900-1914.

(Note that From the Tideless Sea is not a stand-alone roleplaying game, but rather an innovative expansion to be used with Raiders of R’lyeh and other d100 systems based on H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Call of Cthulhu’ or on other pulp adventures.)

Coming soon in PDF to legacy Raiders who supported the original game, and as a 280 pp nearly 500 pp NEARLY 600 pp (!) hardcover book to new backers via Kickstarter!

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