Raiders of Rlyeh: From the Tideless Sea — A Look at Character Sheets

Raiders of R’lyeh: From the Tideless Sea Tramp Steamer Rules

A playable PDF of From the Tideless Sea is almost ready!

From the Tideless Sea is entirely written — save for a few paragraph-length entries in the Campaign chapter, plus some last-minute tinkering that occurs in a project of this scope. Layout is also complete — save for the images. As a point of reference, with the core rules book, images took roughly a month in layout. We are also tinkering with the campaign map, which is a double-sized (i.e., 11x17) handout given to players to plot their voyages — or to be used by any gamemaster designing a globe-spanning campaign.

We are still not exact on dates of release yet. Most likely backers will receive pre-release documents as we tinker through the last stages, if they want to be party to the creative behind-the-scenes. We do plan on a Kickstarter for the final hardcover, but legacy backers will receive a PDF of the expansion regardless of their involvement in this new Kickstarter.

Here is a look at two character sheets — for both a ship and an adventurer — from the book (in From the Tideless Sea, merchant vessels like the Shantung are treated as characters with their own sheets). [Edit: Our site is still being renovated. Not all links are working yet!]

Posted on December 14, 2020. Contains 214 words and is a 2 minute read.

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